The Playlist

I’ve started creating a playlist for our upcoming road trip. It’s one of my favourite parts of trip preparation. I’d add songs that I like the sound of after listening to it for only half a minute at most. It makes listening to the playlist for the first time all that more exciting. Of course there will be surprises. Some pleasant, in that a song turns out to be even better than I thought it would be; some others, the complete opposite. Either way, it’s fun.

We picked up a 16GB 2nd generation iPod Touch from Kijiji before our trip to Iceland three years ago. It was $50 and in great condition. I think it was one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. I had a lot of fun jailbreaking it. I could tweet from it if I wanted to. Anyway, one day my husband used it to listen to music while mowing the lawn and somehow the screen cracked. That was before we even left for Iceland. Luckily it still worked. More than three years, it still does. And we’ve used it a lot!

I was scouring Bandcamp to find some new-to-me artists and songs to add to my playlist and fell in love with the music of Ayla Nereo and Jenny Sturgeon. I can’t wait to listen to their songs during our drive around Scotland next month! I still haven’t got around to making a day-to-day itinerary for the trip but eh, I never said I was good at prioritizing.