Seeing Red

One of my favourite non-technical photography tips I’ve picked up is shoot anything red because it’ll make any picture pop. It helps that red happens to be one of my favourite colours. It used to be my most favourite colour but I’ve learned that even my most favourite colour has a tendency to change.

To see what my current favourite colour is, all you have to do is have a peek into my wardrobe and see the dominant colour. I used to wear a lot of earthy colours because I figured since I was brown, anything brownish would be a safe colour for me. But then I saw some pictures of me in a lot of brown and thought, my goodness, somebody needs some colours in her life!

And then I decided to start wearing more red because I thought I looked good in red. It’s bright and bold and the colour of Canada! But some days I just feel like red is too in-your-face, especially when I don’t feel like getting noticed, which is most of the time to be honest.

In the middle of this colour crisis, I read about how Scandinavian ladies wear a lot of grey and I thought they looked really good in it. Maybe I would too. So I started picking up and wearing a lot of grey, and I liked it. I still do. It’s simple, chic, can be dressed up and down easily, and always goes well with a colourful scarf. Grey is a good colour.

I don’t know how it happened but somehow this year I started wearing a lot of blue. I like blue but it’s never been a favourite colour of mine. But I do like blue. It’s the colour of my husband’s kind eyes, and the sky, and the ocean, and I love them all. Blue is a good colour.