Mean Swans

Did you know that a swan could break your arms with its wings? At least once a year there’s news about such incident in the local paper. They may look all docile and graceful, but they can be mean jerks. I always try to stay a good distance away from them because I just don’t trust them.

Case in point: a couple of years back, we were taking a leisurely stroll along the river when we witnessed a swan harrassing a girl on a kayak. She was just minding her own business when a swan started gliding from the other side of the river towards her and just went all batshit crazy on her, flapping its wings around, making loud noises and freaking the crap out of her. The girl started crying and screaming, trying to make an escape but the swan wouldn’t budge. So my husband started throwing some rocks into the water near the swan to distract it just so that the girl could paddle away from it, which she did while crying. It was nuts. If I were her, I’d be traumatized for life!

Moral of the story: never ever trust a swan! I’ve kind of boycotted the swans by not taking any pictures of them since the incident, but the light at dusk yesterday looked so beautiful on them I couldn’t resist. At least they can’t harm anyone in a picture.