At The Cemetery

I went to the funeral of a relative today and her grave happened to be located right next to the grave of a friend’s sister whose funeral I attended 6 years ago. Both died fairly young and unexpectedly. Both survived by their parents.

The cemetery in the picture above is located on the ground of a church in Hvalfjörđur (Whale Fjord), West Iceland. In the Netflix show, Sense8, this is the location of the grave of Riley Blue’s newborn baby. Excellent location scouting. Beautiful view all around from this spot.

My mother was buried in the same grave as her mother. It had been her wish. The cemetery where she was buried is one of the least peaceful spots I could think of, but it was the only place she wanted as her final resting place. She lost her mother when she was 33. I lost mine, her, when I was 30.

After the interment today, while we were having lunch in the basement of the church, I kept having the chorus part of Hayden’s “My Parents House” play in my head, and then I realized just how fitting that part of the song is for a funeral.

And I can’t recreate those times we used to have / Without you they’ll be bad.

The rest of the song is completely inappropriate.

It’s strange how my brain works.